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About Us

Mission Statement

TABULUS® is committed to helping business professionals collect, analyze and present data. TABULUS® table oriented format saves the end user on time that would traditionally be spent reviewing data accuracy. TABULUS® provides intuitive tools that will minimize technical overhead and maximize productivity all while seamlessly generating stunning presentations.

“There’s certain elegance to creating great software for intelligent people. That’s our goal.”

- Richard Diehl
Founder & CEO, Diehl Technology LLC.

Why I created TABULUS®

Prior to creating TABULUS®, I had been CEO of a public company, Diehl Graphsoft Inc, for 15 years, building it from a startup to an international CAD solutions leader. During that time, I was constantly dissatisfied with the tools I had available to run my business. Trained as a computer scientist, I was able to create a very large spreadsheet, where I usually kept up to 10 years of historic P&L data in order to do trend analysis. Although I was able to do analysis faster and in a more flexible way than my financial people, it was clearly not an optimum solution. The sheet was large and inflexible, and was prone to errors. People want easy to use products that are capable of performing complex work. This requires sophisticated design and a thorough understanding of the end user experience. There’s certain elegance to creating great software for intelligent people. That’s our goal.

Richard Diehl Founder & CEO

Richard Diehl

As founder and CEO of Diehl Technology LLC, Mr. Diehl brings solid leadership and seasoned technology expertise to the financial marketplace. With more than 20 years of software industry experience, his visionary approach and entrepreneurial spirit have allowed him to consistently build value-add products and services for customers. In 1985 Mr. Diehl founded Diehl Graphsoft Inc, in order to create software for the Apple Macintosh and later for the Windows operating system. His customer focused methodology enabled him to successfully build a new product called Vectorworks, into one of the leading Computer Aided Design (CAD) products in the Architectural industry. After successfully building a global distribution network for Vectorworks, Mr. Diehl sold the company to Nemetschek AG, a leading German provider of CAD products in 2000. Recognizing his sound management practices Mr. Diehl was retained to run Nemetschek North America as CEO until 2005. Mr. Diehl has served on a number of boards. In addition to his current role as CEO of Diehl Technology LLC, he continues to serve as Chairman of Nemetschek North America’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Diehl has a M.S. in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University and a B.S. in Communications from Towson State University.