TABULUS®, The Table Oriented Spreadsheet

TABULUS® 2010 - Simply put, TABULUS is a better spreadsheet!

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Business Analysis and Financial Modeling program

TABULUS® is a standalone business analysis and financial modeling program for spreadsheet users who want a simple solution to their more complex business needs. It has the flexibility of a traditional spreadsheet with the structured, multidimensional approach developed for enterprise level financial products. TABULUS® is a more reliable, more maintainable solution than traditional spreadsheets.

TABULUS Features Map Multiple ViewsPredefined FormulasCalendar CategoryScope FormulasGroup SumsFormula ReferencesIncome and Asset account RollupsPositive or Negative ExpensesLines and Headers FormatingFormula ExceptionsReduce Hand Written FormulasCPI and Currency Adjustments

Spreadsheet + Database = TABULUS®

Increase Reliability

Slash Maintenance Costs

Expand Your Possibilities

Studies have shown that large spreadsheets nearly always contain errors. When trying to manipulate financial data, P&L's, Budgets, Forecasts, as well as sales and customer data, spreadsheets can become error prone and difficult to manipulate. This leads to spreadsheet paralysis, where no one in the organization wants to change or update the spreadsheet. Most business decisions involve data presented in spreadsheets. Business decisions made on incorrect data will cost an organization exponentially over time.

TABULUS® uses OLAP to let you view and edit data from multiple views.

Problem Solved: Writing complicated link statements to make multiple views.

Multiple Views

TABULUS® includes predefined formulas for common operations.

Problem Solved: Every formula is written from scratch.

Predefined Formulas

With TABULUS® Calendar Category you can flip back and forth between months, quarters, years, and fiscal years.

Problem Solved: Hours spent creating calendar formats.

Calendar Category

In TABULUS® a single formula can control many cells at once, saving time and errors.

Problem Solved: Formulas are entered for every cell which is time consuming and error prone.

Scope Formulas
Feature 5

TABULUS® Groups maintain sums and formulas when re-organized.

Problem Solved: Editing rows can cause summary data or running totals to calculate incorrectly.

Group Sums

TABULUS® cell references are always by name, never by position in the spreadsheet.

Problem Solved: When writing formulas the cell references are not intuitive =SUM(C2:C5)/E4.

Formula References

TABULUS® handles Income and Asset account rollups to quarters and years automatically.

Problem Solved: Proper handling of income roll-ups vs. asset rollups.

Income and Asset account Rollups

TABULUS® can switch back and forth between positive or negative expenses on the fly.

Problem Solved: Difficulties tracking signs on income and expense accounts.

Positive or Negative Expenses

TABULUS® formats lines and headers by item type, not cell by cell for a clean look.

Problem Solved: Layout for a document to be visually pleasing and readable is a tedious process.

Lines and Headers Formating

TABULUS® can make single or multiple exceptions to formulas which cover entire categories or groups.

Problem Solved: No way to identify exceptions.

Formula Exceptions

TABULUS® will save you from being weighed down writing formulas.

Problem Solved: Reduce writing formulas by up to 95%.

Reduce Hand Written Formulas

* Test case used required only 61 hand written formulas in TABULUS compared to 1145 hand written formulas in a traditional spreadsheet.

TABULUS® can auto adjust for CPI, and currency changes.

Problem Solved: Files not updated properly.

CPI and Currency Adjustments