TABULUS®, The Table Oriented Spreadsheet

TABULUS® 2010 - Simply put, TABULUS is a better spreadsheet!

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What is TABULUS®?

Several tools in one

TABULUS® table oriented business planning software provides customers with a superior method for entering or importing data, performing analysis, viewing of business, marketing, and sales data right on their desktop. TABULUS® combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet, structure of a database, modeling of financial software, and presentation ability of a reporting program, all with a state of the art intuitive graphical user interface.

Why is table oriented TABULUS® better than the cell oriented spreadsheet you’re using today?

Spreadsheets are the most valuable piece of business software in your arsenal because of their enormous flexibility and ease of use. When trying to manage financial data such as P&L’s, budgets, forecasts, sales reports, etc. spreadsheets can become error prone and difficult to manipulate. TABULUS® changes all of that. With financial work in mind our support for financial concepts goes far beyond what spreadsheets can do.

With TABULUS® your data is packaged into tables not cells. Anyone who has created formulas with cell to cell or sheet to sheet references knows how easy it is for the reference to be broken when data is moved or edited. Tables can easily be dragged around and placed where needed within the file and can be worked with separately or together. To eliminate errors caused by broken links and formulas there is only one instance of each piece of data. The same data can be used in multiple reports.

Handle Data More Efficiently

  • References are Names, not cell coordinates or numbers, 1st Qtr 2007 revenue as opposed to A1 or B1.
  • Easily create formulas which reference an entire table at once.
  • Create complex models with accuracy.
  • When viewing calendar/time units such as months, quarters, years, etc…, you can switch between units and the data will automatically update to be viewed as the new units.
  • Automatically supports common table concepts, such as groups, financial account types, calendars, and statistics.
  • TABULUS® can handle multiple currencies automatically.

Studies have shown that spreadsheets nearly always contain errors. TABULUS® reduces these substantially by reducing the number of hand written formulas. TABULUS® automatically maintains and protects your model saving you from costly business decisions made on erroneous data.

The accuracy, ease of use, and preformatted formulas are what draws most people to TABULUS®. TABULUS® is an easy way for managers to create reports, budgets, projections, sales reports, track employees, and keep track of other financial data just to name a few.

How TABULUS® will save you money!

  • Fast file setup, even faster when using one of the built-in template files
  • Data organization
  • Less time developing handwritten formulas, common formulas already done for you
  • Reduces spreadsheet review time
  • Reduces the risk of poor business decisions caused by erroneous data
  • Eliminates the need for MIS support
  • Automatically create stunning reports without tedious line by line formatting
  • Saves on data integration
  • No upgrade costs with a maintenance program